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Community Kitchen

Here, we wanted to highlight all the community kitchens that we had partnered with for Series 2 of Cooking With An Architect, dubbed People's Pavilion Edition. These communities have been absolutely amazing and have helped many people with a safe space and with food and warm meals on a regular basis. Check them out below to learn more about these amazing kitchens. 

The Farm Community Kitchen 

The Farm Community Kitchen's goal is to create a community cafe for Cann Hall in collaboration with Food For The Forest and other charitable organisations in and around the Borough. The Farm will be for the community by the community, feeding those in our ward who live with the daily struggle of providing for themselves and their families and facing new life challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Farm Community Kitchen was featured in Ep 3 of Series 2 of Cooking With An Architect.

Idia's Community

We are a grassroots community organisation that has grown organically over the last three years. We started by volunteering at the Drop In at St Monica’s, Hoxton Square on Monday mornings realising very quickly that food brought people together and that the social connection forged was something very special. Once a week did not seem to be enough, so we began collecting sandwiches and pizzas from local businesses and retailers and distributing these to people on the streets with the support of Ashwell House and the students there. We also organised showers with the help of the Salvation Army and collected and redistributed clothes and other items.

Idia's Community Kitchen was featured in Ep 1 of Series 2 of Cooking With An Architect.

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