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Series 2: Cooking With An Architect dubbed People's Pavilion Edition


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During this episode we touched on the importance of collaborative making and looking at the importance of community, filmed at Idias Community Kitchen.

Episode 1

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Yemi Aladerun

In this episode we were located at The Farm Community Kitchen in East London. Throughout our discussion we touched on how we can improve our cities and designing spaces that helps with the wellbeing of others.

Episode 3


Elly Ward

Elly Ward is the founder of Edit Restaurant located at Morris + Company. During this episdoe we explored the importance of sustainablity in food and architecture.

Episode 2


Muyiwa Oki

During this series final episode with the RIBA President Elect. We discussed the importance of diversity within the architecture field and how we can improve design through including community and the use of technology.

Episode 4

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Series 1: Cooking With An Architect

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In this episode Jason explores the world of graphic design and how it has helped him with his thought process of when he is designing architecture.

Episode 1

Rosa social post.png

Rosa Rogina

In this episode the dish that Rosa chose to make was Frittata! Watch this episode to find out why this dish represented architecture to her.

Episode 2

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I’m about thirty minutes into your youtube video and I’m so impressed with your interview skills. You asked some really valid questions that honestly the average person doesn’t think about especially when the topic is architecture. Like I’ve never thought about the impact on ecology or even where the material comes from. When I think of architecture it really just is surface level. There’s a lot of food for thought in your video well done.


"Architects are the doctors for the built environment"

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